House construction, a story of disappointment

I should have kept a diary of our construction project long ago. But my wife always told me not to. It’s a pity somehow, because this way I forget everything that hasn’t worked so far. And we are still talking about the phase before the start of construction. We are in the middle of planning. We’re still in the planning stages. Over and over again. In fact, we were supposed to move in September. But now the October placement date is in serious jeopardy. And then, as we all know, winter is coming… Oh dear.

Today we had a phone call with a lady from the construction company, whom I always remember as the best contact. And at the end of the conversation she told me that she was leaving the company at the end of next week. Well, and with that goes my last shred of hope that it’ll be the house that I really want. Or that it will even be built in the foreseeable future.

Well, that all depends on many other factors as well. After all, our building permit is fucked because the house was submitted wrong from the beginning. Since then nothing has happened. I might be allowed to build the house, but not the way it’s written in the contract. And for weeks now nothing has been happening on the construction site.

It is too much, it was too much. Contrary to all promises at the beginning, in the end you do everything yourself. I am now a tile designer, electrical planner and much more. Purely theoretically I can open a consulting service for frustrated building owners from next year on. (Actually a good idea…)

No, I’m not gonna write a diary. I won’t go into any more disappointing details. I will not describe how I was disappointed and lied to again and again. I will not describe how prices ended up being much higher than we discussed. That fixed price does not really mean fixed price. I will not go into all this. I just hope that my hair doesn’t get even greyer. Or even stay on my head. Because my body is also suffering under all the psychological and emotional pressure. Sleep deprivation, or rather I can hardly sleep anymore, because I am constantly thinking about how to solve the next problem. I no longer expect help or advice from the construction company.

Unfortunately it is the way it always is. Once you have signed, you are neglected. “We don’t care when your house is built, as long as you pay for it well.” But in all the time I’ve been getting annoyed, I’ve realized one thing. It’s the same everywhere. I could have chosen any construction company. It’s another world I’ll never understand. Where rules like trust or agreements don’t count.

I’ll never build again. Once the house is built, it’s built. And I hope very much that I’ll be happy with it. Because right now I’m not looking forward to it.


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