Now I have played A Plague Tale: Innocence to chapter four. Gradually the bad taste disappears (after playing the beautiful The Last Of Us Part II). The graphics can be beautiful at times, but still looks rather old-fashioned. I also found my new hate objects: The rats. These level sections already annoy me. Disgusting plague. But in that respect, well presented, even if the sometimes hundreds of rats move like wooden sticks in flowing water.

What do I like? The story is incredibly intense and therefore exactly what I wanted. The bond between Amicia and Hugo, which gets closer with every minute, is wonderful. It’s a story of getting to know and love two people who don’t know each other and yet belong together.

The more deeply I immerse myself in the game, experience the story, absorb the captivating music, the more I forget the hardly existing facial animations, which, if they had been better, would have contributed a lot to the positive overall impression.


Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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