The Last of Us Part II Diary

Before the release


OMG, it looks sooooooo good!

The Last of Us Part II

This will be my last game I order for the PS4, before the PS5 comes out.

After that I pre-ordered the following edition in the Playstation Store: The Last of Us Part II Digital Deluxe Edition



Just played The Last Of Us Part II for about 3 hours. I wanted to play for 30 minutes, but couldn’t stop. Now it’s 3 o’clock in the morning. Time to go to bed. Unfortunately.

And so it began, an incredible journey, an extremely intense video game that captivated me like no other.


The Last Of Us Part II is one of the few games that I bought directly with the release, what means, at full price. Normally I wait for games I want to have until they cost around 30 EUR. But I remembered: The first part captivated me infinitely at that time. And so it should be now with part 2.

Now I have about 5 hours of the total 25-30 hours playing time behind me. 5 extremely intensive hours, where narrated sequences are seamlessly integrated into the game. One moment I’m still watching a scene from several angles, the next moment I take the reins of the incredibly realistically designed horses into my own hands and ride through an apocalyptic world that once again leaves me speechless.

When I started the game for the first time, I thought the following: What do I need a PS5 for when a PS4 is capable of this? Personally, I’m less concerned with the graphics than the story, but The Last Of Us Part II is a feast for the eyes. The animations, the environment, the realistic facial features. It all seems to come together. Yes, not all branches and plants I walk through move correctly, but who cares?

Let me mention it again: What really fascinates me is the seamless transition from gameplay to narrated story, which I often get to follow for several minutes and back again. It seems so perfect, so seamless, so Hollywood-like.

I’m not really far into the game yet, but I’m totally hooked. I want to keep playing and I try every day. As a father of two, it’s not easy. But if I manage it, I’m rewarded with an incredible atmosphere. With a world that is so beautiful and evil at the same time that I get goose bumps several times while playing.

I am sure: The game will not get any worse. On the contrary: even better! And this is exactly what I can hardly imagine, since I’m already talking about perfectionism.


Continuing with The Last Of Us Part II. Yesterday before I switched off, I climbed on a T-Rex. 🙊

Incredibly touching moments, that is what the game has to offer. And these are celebrated. In pictures and music. One is drawn into the action and doesn’t want to leave.

The dogs in The Last Of Us Part II are more annoying than the infected ones. Phew.

There are many opponents or places in the game that I would have loved to skip. But they are among them. I was always rewarded with a fantastic story. But moments like the dogs, or larger hordes of opponents keep me from playing through again.

I think I’m gonna start playing guitar again. THE LAST OF US Part II is “to blame”. 🎸

I actually unpacked my acoustic guitar and played a bit on it again. I really need to play it more.


Yesterday I had to turn off The Last Of Us Part II because it became too much for me. I fought my way through dark corridors for minutes, was attacked, got scared. Then finally the story continued. Only just until I entered an old, creepy, dark factory hall smeared with blood. That was enough. Playstation off. Maybe I’ll have better nerves tonight. Phew.

Sometimes the game really took it out of me. I felt so caught up in it that I felt uneasy. I simply had to end it and distract myself. Crazy.


Not long ago I thought the dogs in The Last Of Us Part II were annoying. Then I met these whistling people… The Walking Dead and Negan say hi… 😱

It got worse and worse.

Last night I had an Indiana Jones moment on The Last Of Us Part II. I go to a door, it’s opened by a huge guy who’s about to strangle me. I take three steps back, pull out the pump gun, problem solved. 💪

Sometimes the game has rewarded me even more. Maybe because I reacted the way I did. Maybe because it was exactly how Naughty Dog intended it to be…


Since I’m preferably a silent killer in The Last Of Us Part II, I enjoy the moments when Ellie rams the knife into the opponent’s neck with a growled fuck you. Shit, am I a psychopath?

I enjoy killing people and zombies? Am I just sick or can I differentiate between life and a game?

The Last Of Us Part II or as I like to call it: Shit, I need more arrows!

Since I like to sneak around and secretly murder (maybe really a psychopath?) I quickly run out of silent arrows.


Yesterday on The Last Of Us Part II. Ellie once again mowed down a lot of people. The last one begged for mercy, then I knocked him down. Jesse was just at at me, and he was just like, “Gee, Ellie…”


Abby, Seattle day 1. After about 1.5 hours with Abby I learned the following: She too is a purified soul in search of revenge. You feel for her too. What a game… The Last Of Us Part II

Abby gets more interesting. The muscle-bound woman has her heart in the right place. She’s also fighting for something that was taken from her. Even then, I couldn’t decide which of them to feel more for.


Yesterday in The Last Of Us Part II I experienced a scene with Abby, which I saw in a trailer long before the game was released. At that time I didn’t understand what this was about and where Ellie was. Today I understand so much more. I also suffer so much more with Abby.


The Last Of Us Part II is a bit annoying right now. I’m tired of infected ones. I just want to experience the story. Status: Abby, Seattle Day 2.

Keep going, it’s worth it!


Cool: The linear levels in The Last Of Us Part II are rarely instantly recognizable as such. Well done, since you almost always know where you have to go.

Already at the beginning of the game I noticed that it looks very much like an Open World Game. But actually you are led through very large linear levels. You can overcome obstacles at various places, but in the end you always reach the same goal. That’s great, because it gives you a feeling of freedom that you don’t really have.

Not so cool: I have tortured myself with Abby for about 30 minutes through hordes of infected ones. Then I get to the hospital, where I am told that the ground zero is and I should expect an extremely high number of infected people. That’s where I draw the line for today.

That was once again too much for me. Sometimes the game gets so scary and thrilling that I have to turn it off.


Yesterday on The Last Of Us Part II I played through this stupid Abby lower level hospital level. Great, this giant monster… (ironically) well, after dying a few deaths, I managed to do that, too. Then came the long-awaited run-in with Ellie.

Some kind of boss has been defeated. The fight was hard but feasible. The two lines of Abby and Ellie are merged at this point. This first encounter is tough.

After the long awaited fight between Ellie and Abby, I thought, “Wow, you made it. But you’re way off. And then I went on a few minutes. I went to bed dazed, and I’m curious to see how this story ends one day…!

By the way. Once again I’m impressed by the level design of The Last Of Us Part II. Whether it’s the different “battle arenas” or just nature reclaiming its place.

At the moment I don’t know if I like Abby or Ellie better on The Last Of Us Part II… There’s a bad feeling about the coming ending… Oh, dear.

Please don’t let either of them die.

When I have played through The Last Of Us Part II at some point, I will write a diary about it. It will contain all my short impressions that I published on while playing. I will then add to it the thoughts I have after the game.

Here we are. Shortly before my last post about the game, which you can read right away, I had the idea for this diary. It’s basically a kind of review. But rather my experience with the game. My written down world of emotions, which was turned upside down by the game. It’s incredible how Naughty Dog manages to take the player on a bitterly wicked journey.


That’s it. I played through The Last Of Us Part II. The ending was unexpected. And I really didn’t know how it was gonna end. Am I disappointed or happy? First of all, I’m damn happy because the game was incredibly good. The story was fantastic. Yes, it had its annoying moments, but that’s the way it was with part 1. For me, the ending basically means one thing: Part 3 is absolutely possible, and I’m already looking forward to it. The Last Of Us Part III Next Gen on Playstation 5 - it’s guaranteed to be a blast.

Back to the brand new part 2. It was an experience, a rollercoaster of emotions, somehow extremely depressing. The graphics are fantastic, probably the best you could get out of Playstation 4. The soundtrack goes up and down with me anyway - a stroke of genius that made me want to start playing guitar again.

So, how did I like the ending? In the end, the way it went, it was more than understandable. So we’re good.


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