Google Play Pass

The Google Play Pass has arrived in Germany. With a free trial month, the company was able to persuade me to test it. No sooner said than done. And lo and behold, as expected, the Play Pass includes several games that I had already purchased in advance. For example Stardew Valley, Crashlands or Game Dev Tycoon. Of course, it’s only logical that some bangers like these three are included, but apart from that… well, let’s see.

In the Google Play App there is a nice new tab at the very front, the Play Pass Ticket, which also shows me in the whole store when a game or app is part of my subscription. I scroll through the long list of available applications and actually see one or two games that I’ve had on my wish list before. So the download button was tapped quickly.

I think the offer itself is quite good. There should be something for everyone in the games. The apps on offer, on the other hand, are more like this… well… There’s something for everyone, but there’s also a lot of junk.

And so the Play Pass is a nice and yet reasonably priced alternative for Android users who gamble on their smartphones every day. I’m curious to see to what extent the offer will be expanded regularly.

And now the irony of the story. Basically I think the idea is good. BUT: I’m not really the type of person who plays games on a mobile phone, even if only those that don’t require complex controls. I prefer to have my Playstation controller in my hand. Wiping gestures alone don’t give me any feedback and I’m probably just too old for that. Oh dear, I have to say that already…

Finally: Have you noticed anything? I bought games like Stardew Valley, but I don’t really play them. Because as I mentioned. The controls suck. And besides, I don’t really have time to play on my smartphone. I’d rather sit at the Playstation or Switch for an hour at night.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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