Moving from Spotify to Apple Music on Android

Oh, dear. Due to a mistake on my part, I bought a 1 month Apple Music subscription even though I am a Spotify Premium user. Well, the overlap is only a few days, so it doesn’t hurt that much and I don’t pay too much twice. Well, what did I do? First of all I cancelled my premium status at Spotify. I’ll just try Apple Music on my Pixel 3.

I love Spotify especially for the great recommendations or some playlists that are well maintained by the Spotify editorial staff, for example the great playlist “Techno Bunker”.

Let’s see what Apple Music has to offer. But first of all… how do I transfer my nearly 150 saved albums and numerous self-created and subscribed playlists from Spotify to Apple Music? There is a nice app for this on iOS (SongShift). It costs ~ 5 EUR and works perfectly. As an Android user I have the disadvantage here.

But there are other services on the web, like Soundiiz. For the one-time fee of 4,50 EUR I could transfer all albums and playlists from Spotify to Apple Music with one click. This would have been free, but then I would have had to transfer album by album and playlist by playlist. Time consuming and annoying. So I allowed myself this unique luxury and I am thrilled. Nearly all albums were transferred. Only very few I had to search and save again at Apple Music. It was similar with playlists. Mostly 100% or ~ 95% of all songs were recognized and transferred. That is completely ok. Especially with huge playlists with more than 350 songs.

Something I will miss already now: Spotify’s Playlist Techno Bunker has been transferred perfectly, but it will stay at this level, while Spotify is always adding new tracks. That annoys me a bit. On the other hand, maybe Apple Music has something similar for me. But I’m not there yet.

We’ll see. I’ll stick around for 1-2 months and see if Apple Music can captivate me in the same way.


Dominik Höcht @dominikhoecht

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