For years I wore my hair short, undercut, “man-cut”. But for some time now, I’ve been letting my hair grow. I’m inches away from my goal. And that means: hang in there.

What have I learned? Sometimes they’re annoying. They stand in the face where I don’t need them. Sometimes I love having that fullness on my head. Making one of these “man buns”, well, just a cool bun, is my goal. But like I said, there are still a few centimeters missing, so there is still too much hair slipping through. Some days it happens that I want to go to the hairdresser immediately to scream in his face: cut it off! Other days it is okay as it is. It’s just the necessary way I have to go to achieve a goal. And it does not always have to be beautiful or perfect. With this in mind: Hang in there, Dominik!

By the way. The thing about the path can be applied to many things. Nothing works immediately at the first go, or never perfectly. You have to fight your way through and you are always rewarded in the end.

The most important last thing, almost forgotten. I don’t do this because “everyone” has it or because many have it or because it’s a trend. I do it because it corresponds to my inner imagination, because it makes me personally happier. And yes, I still have the luxury of having as much hair as I need to do it, and that makes me happy too.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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