First impression to The Last Of Us Part II

The Last Of Us Part II is one of the few games that I bought directly with the release, what means, at full price. Normally I wait for games I want to have until they cost around 30 EUR. But I remembered: The first part captivated me infinitely at that time. And so it should be now with part 2.

Now I have about 5 hours of the total 25-30 hours playing time behind me. 5 extremely intensive hours, where narrated sequences are seamlessly integrated into the game. One moment I’m still watching a scene from several angles, the next moment I take the reins of the incredibly realistically designed horses into my own hands and ride through an apocalyptic world that once again leaves me speechless.

When I started the game for the first time, I thought the following: What do I need a PS5 for when a PS4 is capable of this? Personally, I’m less concerned with the graphics than the story, but The Last Of Us Part II is a feast for the eyes. The animations, the environment, the realistic facial features. It all seems to come together. Yes, not all branches and plants I walk through move correctly, but who cares?

Let me mention it again: What really fascinates me is the seamless transition from gameplay to narrated story, which I often get to follow for several minutes and back again. It seems so perfect, so seamless, so Hollywood-like.

I’m not really far into the game yet, but I’m totally hooked. I want to keep playing and I try every day. As a father of two, it’s not easy. But if I manage it, I’m rewarded with an incredible atmosphere. With a world that is so beautiful and evil at the same time that I get goose bumps several times while playing.

I am sure: The game will not get any worse. On the contrary: even better! And this is exactly what I can hardly imagine, since I’m already talking about perfectionism.


Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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