I just quit my web space. I officially no longer have any paid web space. Only 3 paid domains left, which in 1 case is related to Micro.blog. I have noticed in the last days & weeks that I have neither desire nor time to care about a webspace or specially installed software. So there is nothing more with self hosted. I trust in services. This may be stupid (in a way), but on the other hand there are countless alternatives to what I need online. The only thing I MIGHT run out of is a web space for web design projects that I could put on it before they went live for clients. On the other hand, from now on I just put them on some free webspace with advertising, fuck it. I don’t do that much anymore anyway. What I still have: An own domain for our e-mails (for the family), postedlife.com for my micro.blog and dominikhoecht.com (hosted by carrd.co) for my little web business card. As I said, I don’t have the time and desire for more. I am a family man. I have 2 little daughters. THEY need my time. And I NEED them and my wife. They are the center of my life. It’s something I’ve had to learn for years, but luckily I’ve learned. Web projects are great, but family is more great and irreplaceable.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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