Top Secret! (1984) Review

Just now I watched the spy comedy Top Secret with a very young and very handsome Val Kilmer.

The movie of the Naked Gun creator is still more than worth seeing. There is so much to discover in every scene. While the actors are acting very serious, there are so many weird things happening in the background, that laughing flashes are guaranteed at any time.

This partly subtle kind of humor, which you can experience here, was created by only a few directors and authors at that time. David Zucker is a genius in this respect. And you really have to praise the actors as well. For example Val Kilmer’s serious face at all times, while around him the world sinks into chaos - simply divine.

The movie is great. Many scenes were already unforgettable when I first saw it years ago. And so today I was always happy to finally be able to experience exactly this one scene again. The movie is solidly done, 100% funny and pleases with a rocking soundtrack.

My favourite scene: When Val Kilmer is sitting in the train, it jerks for a moment, but while something moves the train itself doesn’t. (I tried to avoid spoilers.) Wonderful!

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Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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