My love for Evernote

I had to smile today. I am (again) a Evernote user. Years, many years ago, I installed this for the first time, still in the old design, on my iPhone and was thrilled. And even today - despite the lack of markdown and the alleged lack of innovation - I am still a fan of the software. It just runs and that’s how it should be! What more can I say? I’m a bit of a fanboy as it is. Yes, I also gave Notion another chance after the speed optimizations, but I still think it is confusing and overloaded. I am simply someone who likes to take notes quickly and with pleasure. I can think of something for later that I must not forget? Mobile phone pulled out, quick note widget used by Evernote, done. I can sort or delete it later. The software is also very good for our current house building project. I can save nice notes with pictures (templates for our bathrooms for example), share them with my wife, we work on them together, etc. Yes, it is not witchcraft, others can do that too. But Evernote can do it somehow with style.

End of story.

By the way, what I was getting at: Many years ago on my iPhone 5, I was already enthusiastic about the password protection alone, but I would have liked to assign it to each notebook and not to the entire application. Even today this is still not possible. What a pity.

And another final word: Although I don’t need it at all, I am a Premium User. Maybe just because I like being a Premium User per se. Sounds simply more valuable than a normal user.

In addition: The price for Premium is set too high in my opinion. Maybe now I will get a lifetime discount because of my advertising. Who knows. @evernote

Dominik Höcht @dominikhoecht

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