Pocket or Instapaper? Evernote!

Thanks to Micro.blog (@bgilham) I found an article today that I wanted to save. So I dug out my Pocket Account, which is currently running as a premium version and saved the article. Everything is wonderful! Looks good, the pictures are inside, perfect. For comparison, I have also saved the article in my (non-premium) Instapaper account. Various things are displayed wrong, some information of the article is moved. Unsightly. Pocket is much better. I always liked this service, but I use it extremely rarely. When it comes up, once every 2 months. Premium for it? Okay, this year was free. But then what? After that I would pay 40 EUR for 1 year. I’m not stingy and I’m happy to pay for good services. But only if I use it regularly. And so I quickly looked for alternatives when Premium expires in September. Yes, I could continue to use Pocket normally, but then with advertising. In addition, the articles that had been saved forever might get lost at some point. This is stupid.

Since I also have Evernote Premium, I once installed Web Clipper for Chrome and saved the article in my Evernote. By the way, this was the first time I ever did that. And look: There is an option “Save article only”. It works surprisingly well. It’s not so nice in the web view, but with the Smartphone app or the Windows app it looks much better. It’s not as polished as with Pocket, but it saves me 40 EUR a year, that’s fine. And that’s how I’m going to do it: I save articles that I either want to keep for a long time or read later in Evernote, a tool I love but about which many people complain. But Evernote is simply convenient and well thought out. It has great features, is deep and well integrated almost everywhere. It works and, like I said, I like it.

Once again: I am not a power user in the sense that I want or have to store countless articles on the web forever. It happens rather rarely with me. If I would do this every day, I would probably use Pocket (Premium) in addition, simply because it converts most articles perfectly and makes them ready for reading.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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