The Peanut Butter Falcon (2019) Review

This somewhat unusual and yet quite normal story about friendship was captured in great pictures. These are celebrated long and with harmonious music.

The main actors are great. Shia LaBeouf’s Tyler is a young man in search of himself. After a heavy blow of fate he tries to get back on his feet, but does not mince his words. And so it happens that he throws a “I don’t give a damn” to Zak, who tells him about his Down syndrome. And exactly this statement makes him somehow likeable. Because it really doesn’t matter.

The message: No discrimination! Everyone is great and capable of extraordinary things. You just have to support them and not stop them. Tyler does exactly that. He helps Zak, encourages him in what he does. And while doing so he recharges his batteries and creates hope.

This absolutely unobtrusive film convinces with a lot of heart, well-placed humor and just the important core message. The only important thing is: Get involved.

My favourite scene: When Zak hands over his escape plan to the old woman and both of them put it into action.

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