Way too violent [Video Games Edition]

Nowadays it is really difficult for the PS4 (or PC, XBOX & Co.) to find anything other than some males (and females) who have a weapon in their hands to slaughter other humans.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a big shooter fan. I recently played and loved the Modern Warfare remake. But slowly (because of the age?) I need to get away from it. Sometimes I just can’t stand it.

For example the game Control. It is very good. The graphics are great. The ideas are fantastic. But it’s also terribly scary for me. I have such a hard time playing the game…

Funny, though: Because I had to cancel Control yesterday - it was too much for me - I started to play NieR:Automata. Yes, even there I shoot like a savage. I slaughter with my swords and there doesn’t seem to be much other than Krawumm. BUT: It’s not that scary by far. It’s just pure fun. Besides, I’m a punching bag of tin cans. Who cares about that?

But still: Basically I need to get away from it more and more often. And that’s when my Nintendo Switch come to mind. It convinces with unobtrusive games, very often far away from any brutality. This is how I played Coffee Talk recently. Basically a story that is told, with very little interaction on my part in between. But it was great. It did not upset me. It entertained me and distracted me.

I also bought the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I don’t have a plan what exactly I have to do there, but every quarter of an hour I spend on it is like a little time out. And that’s exactly what I need. Time out. Sometimes gun-fighting characters give you a time-out, okay. But more often now i prefer casual games, indie games, games that don’t enrage.

Maybe I’m not getting old. Maybe I’m getting sissy. Or maybe it’s just everyday life that’s stressful enough? Yes, especially in Corona times I look for the distance to everything that means stress.

On that note, a cheer for small, calm time-outs in virtual worlds. ๐ŸŽฎ

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