Prospect (2018) Review

Altogether Prospect is a good mixture of art and sci-fi that you have to get involved with. Not perfect, but definitely special.

In detail: The plot is coherent, comprehensible and completely okay for a sci-fi movie. The actors are both likeable and convincing. The scenery, make-up, effects, costumes, etc. Yes, low budget. But that’s exactly what never bothered me. On the contrary. It certainly had charm. It was like the ‘80s had found its way back into space. For me, as a fan of that time, absolutely perfect.

The film takes its time. It develops and never really picks up speed. It’s an unusual expedition that I followed with great anticipation. Yes, every now and then I had to force myself to stay on it, but I was rewarded every time anew.

My favourite scene: Cee takes something away from Ezra. And this with a serenity… just lovely. To avoid spoilers, I have abstracted the statement here as much as possible.

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