Parasite (2019) Review

I’ve never seen anything like it.

Parasite, the big Oscar-winning hitter was on my wish list even before his awards. Now I’ve finally seen the movie. I was spellbound from the beginning. Fevered at all times with how it goes on, happy about every little intrigue and then… Yes, then the film takes a direction that I did not expect at all. It gets really creepy at times. I had to fight with goose bumps, partly I didn’t want it to go on like this, but the director was merciless. He presented me with something that I had never seen before. And with that he awakened so many emotions in me that on the one hand I was happy, on the other hand I just looked distraught at the credits.

Parasite is special. Not a Feel Good movie. I also don’t know if I will ever watch the movie again. But I am absolutely glad that I saw it. I like movies that are far from the mainstream. And that’s what Parasite does. Furthermore the actors are great in their own way. Sometimes extremely weird, but convincing in their actions.

The scenery is limited to two houses, so to speak. But honestly, that’s all it needed. The director got so much out of it, I’m thrilled.

Highly recommended!

My favorite scene: Well, it’s not really a favorite scene. It’s a disturbing, sick scene that’s burned in. Namely, the one when the “ghost” appears for the first time.

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