American Pie (1999) Review

Watching American Pie at 16 is pure joy. 20 years later, say at 36, it’s just torture.

The film is a fairly pointless string of embarrassments. Yes, basically, adolescents’ growing up is shown relatively well - exaggeratedly so - but comprehensibly. (Nowadays you can’t do that to yourself.)

The result was cramped laughter on my part, shaking my head every second minute and shame. I also had to laugh honestly from time to time, but that was very rare by now.

Something you have to give the movie credit for: It has a great soundtrack and the actors are sympathetically dumb throughout the film.

On that note: I can’t say anything more about it. The movie is hard to bear for adults. Still: Somehow you can’t switch off the film.

My favourite scene: Jim runs to Kevin’s house, the whole thing underlaid with the still awesome song Mutt from Blink 182.

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