Bye Bye Facebook

I did it. After I had been registered with this service for years, I applied for deletion on 10.12.2019. This means that my account will be completely deleted by mid-January.


I had logged on to Facebook late. And actually only because my former boss wanted it that way at that time. I should maintain a fan page there. So my entrance. Then followed an excessive phase of the use of this service. Then I followed numerous artists to be informed about information. And in the end it was actually only that for me: A feedreader. And I don’t really need another one. I had already found my perfect feedreader a few weeks ago with Inoreader.

Friends rarely post to the service anymore. And the friends whose content really interests me, I meet in real life. And I prefer it much more.

So what? Bye bye Facebook!

One week without Facebook

In fact, I now realize that the service, although it had hardly anything to offer me, triggered a kind of addiction in me. In the last few days I was sometimes tempted to log in. Why? I don’t really know. Good that I didn’t do it!

What do my friends say? Nothing at all. They don’t care. For the following understandable reason: They don’t care about Facebook either.

I’ve learned that some other services are terribly closely intertwined with Facebook. I was also able to make an appointment with my hairdresser via Facebook, for example. That’s no longer possible today. But well, if those are my only worries…

Personality counts

I wanted something with more personality. Years ago I had a personal blog and a great blogroll. I have read content from others I didn’t really know. But it was fun and you got to know each other. All this has fallen into oblivion. Facebook originally wanted to achieve that. But I believe that the service has long since overstepped the mark.

And so I ended up at The idea of paying $50 for a microblogging service is actually brilliant. Actually also logical, since the operator must earn money. But the other reason, that only people register here, who all want the same as I, I think is much more important. Here you will find individuals who are willing to share their lives. And this is exactly what gives me endless pleasure: discovering small worlds away from the stress of everyday life. Away from the political events and thousands of impressions of society, which are mainly overwhelming.


It’s good to get rid of (F)Ballast.

Dominik Höcht @dominikhoecht

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