What it means to give up Wordpress (for Blot)

For years, I was a great supporter of #Wordpress. The (more than) blogging software could do just about anything. It was free, pre-installed on many web hosts with 1 click, everything was perfect. At least almost.

In the last few months I’ve spent more time configuring and optimizing Wordpress than blogging. New plugins were installed, tried and deleted. SEO optimizations on the go. Caching plugins had to be installed, of course also various social features,…

Through Micro.blog I found #Blot. A blogging platform that says: “Mark down your thoughts onto Dropbox and they’ll be published immediately. That’s all. The layout is predefined and finally I have static pages that are loaded in a flash.

Do they really exist? I was wondering which plugins I really miss. Apart from the social sharing, which also counts and shows me what was shared how often, there is not much left. (I never actually evaluated these statistics, but I bought the plugin at a high price.)

Comments: These are not available at Blot. Well, I could activate Disqus, but I don’t want that. In fact, only rarely has anyone commented in the last years. And if he did, it was nonsense just to have a backlink to his site.

Statistics: That’s the only disadvantage for me: I can’t see anymore which sites are popular or how many people visit my blog. Yes, I could activate various services with Blot. Which would also mean that I would ALWAYS have to start a consent/cookie query at the beginning (thx GDPR/DSGVO…). Since this annoys me myself, I would like to continue to do without it. And so I blog now with the ulterior motive that maybe there are some people out there who read my texts.

I told you before, Blot is lightning fast. If someone visits my blog today, it’s loaded immediately. Even the simple design invites you to read. Nothing distracts. The focus is on the content.

And for me? I open my favorite editor Sublime, write on it and save the document in my Dropbox. Bang, the article went online, the RSS feed was also updated. Perfect.

What was also particularly important for me was that I no longer had to worry about updates or server maintenance.

Before I forget: Not long ago my (Wordpress) blog and my whole webspace was hacked by an outdated plugin. All data lost. This can’t happen to me with static pages anymore!

The Future
In fact, sometimes I neglect my blog. I hope to have more time for the most important things through this forced simplicity: To put my thoughts on virtual paper. Nothing more, nothing less. Right now, it’s just fun. Thank you, Blot. And thanks also to the developer, who implemented the idea wonderfully and is always available for questions.

If you are curious, my blog is about movies, music and media in general: Medien im Fokus (German Blog)

Fun Fact: Recently I thought about replacing my Wordpress blog with a Ghost Blog. What kept me from doing so was not the price, which is 10 times as high as Blot’s, but the lack of the comment function, which I didn’t care about just a few days later. On the other hand, it was probably fate. Had I taken this step, I might never have ended up with Blot.

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